club collective
Adjust your insurance protection at any moment. No visits to the office, no paper documents — everything's in your smartphone.
Money transfers and data exchange are carried out via Blockchain technology
Fair insurance refunds without agent overpayments and delays
Customize the insurance for your circumstances and opportunities in the app
Flexible on-demand insurance
Going to ski or play ball with a neighbor's dog which dislikes you? Increase the insurance coverage for the period from 1 to 24 hours and don't worry for yourself and your family.
Spontaneously demanded protection with flexible rates
Up to one day claims payout
Earn while receiving protection
It is adoptable just in time to individual needs a higher accident coverage while skiing for a weekend
  • WeSocio working fully automatised. Based on the high liquidity and AI, claims can be handled and payed out immediately from the collective fund using the Smart-Contracts
The WeSocio network will offer on its app an additional employment market with freelance and
fix employment jobs in every region of the world.
The intention of WeSocio is not only, to present a new possibility and flexibility of insuring, but even to establish a
Guardians network as a remunerated recommendation and administration service.

One coverage for
every occasion
Imagine you are going to travel or want to insure an expensive purchase. No need to go to the insurance, study rates and sign a new contract. Just use WeSocio app to add what you want to insure. In a couple of clicks from any place.
We are creating a loyalty system. Use WeSocio, share your experience with friends and family. Get bonuses and privileges. Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.
We create new workplaces
In futher updates of WeSocio, each member of the club will be able not only to insure risks, but also to ear money. Become, for example, an emergency commissioner or risk assessor. You make WeSocio more convenient for youself and your club members and receive additional income.
Risk-sharing club
Just type your contacts
Your name
Protect yourself and your relatives