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WeSocio isn't just an insurance policy or an App
WeSocio is a club for friends and family to come together and pool the money they would normally give to an insurance company. By pooling together with other WeSocio members, we remove the need for the insurance company – and that means saving time and money in administrating your cover.
Flexibility and Speed
The platform is adaptable to each member's own risk requirements and can be amended at anytime day or night. It also allows members to choose different risk periods based on requirements. So if you have a new member of the family or you have just bought a new house and you need to revise your life insurance, WeSocio can provide this for you using club insurance.
WeSocio also uses AI to help remind you should you need cover and forget. So WeSocio can prompt you when you arrive at the airport because you forgot to get health or travel insurance - and within a few clicks in the App, you will be covered.

And we don't just provide low-cost, flexible protection – there are income-earning opportunities within WeSocio too.

The WeSocio platform has a large number of ever-growing features…
You can amend your insurance cover as and when you need to
Easier to get cover from the Collective as the underwriting model will be different
Cover provision is on demand so you can get it when you need it
Peace of mind that you have the most appropriate cover when you need it
The App will prompt you if it feels you might need to increase cover based on where you are or any event such as holiday or sports activity
Add additional insurance cover by the hour
Blockchain makes all the transactions and cover history transparent and auditable
Blockchain also makes the system transparent and secure by being decentralised
  • Easy to be in control of your cover

  • Only buy cover when you need it – literally a few hours' before

  • Fast claim resolutions

  • Over time we will provide a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs

  • Lower cost premiums as money is not taken up with adjustments and administration fees

  • If you use the App, you will never be underinsured due to its AI capabilities

  • Provides income-generating opportunities - so your own insurance premiums could be partly paid or paid for by working for WeSocio. You can provide risk assessments and respond to claims support, as well as referring friends, family and work colleagues
        Risk-sharing club
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        Protect yourself and your relatives
        Products covered
        These are the products WeSocio launches with
        WeSocio Life Insurance
        Life Insurance
        WeSocio Health Insurance
        Health Insurance
        WeSocio Income Protection
        Income Protection (working disability insurance)
        The following products are currently under development on the platform
        Home Insurance
        Car Insurance
        Travel Insurance
        Gadget / Smart Phone Insurance
        Bicycle Insurance
        Legal protection
        Dental Insurance
        Asset and Wealth management

        Benefits of club insurance

        1. Pools allow people to be risk assessed and placed in a pool which means their premium is risk-based
        2. Technology means lower overheads, so lower monthly premiums
        3. As Workers in the club, members earn income from being the risk assessor and provide claims data
        4. Flexible cover and no cost – no mid-term adjustment or admin fees for stopping and starting the cover
        5. Club insurance is not new – it was used as the basis of the first insurance policies. As much as we hate to say it, pirates of the 17th century had their own club health insurance - it is simply the technology that makes it look new.

        WeSocio Pools
        Different members can be in different pools depending on their risk profile and which particular elements of cover they need. This aims to keep the premiums as low as possible for people in that pool. So low-risk members get a lower premium than higher-risk members as they will be in different pools. The members will see who else is in their pool so they can take some comfort in that they are not paying to subsidise high-risk people.
        For high-risk people, WeSocio pools mean that they should be paying less for their protection than compared to going via an Insurer, giving peace of mind.
        The platform itself is living, so there will be new products and services added to the system under the WeSocio umbrella.
        The main feature and benefits we want WeSocio members to get from the App are two-fold - both saving money on their insurance and, providing all of their insurance needs in one place.
        Do you want to start saving money on your insurance and add flexibility of cover? Do you also want to save time and money as well as earn from your membership?
        Download the App now and sign up to WeSocio.
        Get peace of mind from your insurance.
        Input the information prompted by the App to get your cover
        Pay for cover – then relax

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