Club insurance to provide peace of mind and flexibility in today's complex world
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What is WeSocio?
WeSocio is a new type of club insurance product driven by technology and you. Being a member of WeSocio allows you to both buy insurance and amend the cover you as and when you need it – and this is all from your phone and without the need for an insurance company
The main elements of WeSocio are for both the significant life destroying risks and the smaller risks too. For a monthly payment you control, you can buy your insurance coverage . Rather than an insurance company dictating how much cover you need and what your premium will be, the WeSocio App allows you to select the protection you feel you need. You will be able to do this with the WeSocio without the need to talk to an insurance broker or submit paperwork. You just do all of this on your phone.
The WeSocio will also alert you to a potential insurance requirement based on location or event-based. So, for example, if you forget to buy insurance cover while on your way to white water rafting - WeSocio will let you know.
The WeSocio is also there for the new surprise events in your life too. So if you have a new baby, just moved house or changed job – your insurance requirements could need to reflect this too.

With WeSocio, we make insurance that simple for you.

5 reasons why you will love WeSocio:
1. Easy to apply for on demand insurance

2. Life, health, and working disability protection

3. Flexible – stop and start elements when you need them

4. Fast claims management – so you get the benefit of the insurance when you need it

5. Multiple options for making money from your membership to further drive down the cost of your insurance cover.
    While WeSocio is designed to save you time and money on your insurance needs
    It also allows you to earn…
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    Get peace of mind from your insurance.
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    Pay for cover – then relax
    Protect yourself and your relatives
    More member benefits
    Being a member of WeSocio will give you first access to our range of additional services as they get rolled out. We are building a wealth asset management solution that will provide you with the same flexible control over your savings and investments.

    Save time and money and earn from WeSocio

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